Henrik before the mountains

Henrik before the mountains

About Henrik

Henrik Lindhjem holds a PhD in environmental and natural resource economics (NMBU, Norway) and two Master degrees in economics (Oslo, Norway), and environment and development (Cambridge, UK).

He has more than 15 years’ experience from economic analysis of environmental, health and climate policies and natural resource management, non-market valuation of public goods, cost-benefit analysis and impact assessments. Recently, Henrik has particularly worked on economic valuation methods applied to ecosystem services; economics of biochar, carbon sequestration and climate adaptation; environmental health; and analysis of economic instruments in these policy areas.

He is highly experienced in quantitative survey methods.

He holds an adjunct research position at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and reviews and publishes regularly in international journals.

He was managing editor of the peer review journal of Norwegian Association of Economists from 2011-13.

He has led or been central in project teams raising more than NOK 150 mill. in R&D and consultancy funding.

In-country work experience (excl. conferences)

Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, China (since 2002), Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England (resident 1998/9, 2006), Finland, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia (resident 1999), Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania (resident 1996/97), Uganda (resident 2001/02), USA (resident 2005), Vietnam & Zambia.

Publication summary

Research, policy and consultancy reports: > 120.
Peer review papers, chapters, scientific journal editorials & commentary: 40
Google Scholar Citations > 975.
19 papers cited at least 10 times, 2 more than 100 times; 7 more than 50.
Most cited in Journal of Forest Economics. Popular writings (newspapers etc.): > 15

You can see a selection at  the Publications and projects page, or see my CV